Bidder Registration

We will be accepting three types of bidders during our live auction on June 1, 2013.

On-site Bidders

If you or your agent will be at the farm and bidding in person, please visit our sales office. You will be asked to fill out our bidder registration form.

Make sure you have filled out this form prior to the lot(s) you are interested in step on the auction block. Please be prepared to provide us with your bank and/or credit card information for registration.

Click here for our Bidder Registration Form.

Phone Bidders

Phone bids will be accepted during our live auction. In order to accommodate as many bidders as possible per lot, please register as early as possible. To register as a phone bidder, please fill out the bidder registration form and send it back to us. Send us your form either by email or fax. If you would like to register to bid, and need to register for bidding by phone, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Call 360-435-0235 or 303-570-6060 to register by phone.

Once we have received your registration and the lot(s) you desire to bid on, we will assign you a bidder liaison. This liaison will contact you at the number(s) you indicated during the lot prior to you selected lot(s). This coordination ensures you will be on the phone when you horse steps onto the auction block.

Register as early as possible to ensure you are assigned a bidder liaison on your desired lot(s). Please be prepared to provide us with your bank and/or credit card information for registration.

Internet Bidders

Bidders wishing to bid live and on-line during the auction can do so through our partner. Bidders wishing to bid on-line for the auction can register to bid at

This cutting edge technology registers your bid immediately with the auctioneer as if you were present in person. Simply register, watch our live stream of the auction and bid on your favorites in the comfort of your own home or office.

All financial information will be kept secured and protected by our sales staff.