We welcome prospective buyers to visit our farm, get to know our horses and find their next partner. Safety and wellness for our visitors, staff and horses is our priority. Please be courteous to others and keep safety in mind.

Horse Inspections and Trials at North Star Farm

May 17- 27 – By Appointment

Please call to schedule your ride or inspection time in advance so that we can be available and help you find the right match.

May 28 - 31 - 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. PDT – Open Trials

Horses will be available for your inspection during posted times.

All test rides are at the discretion of our Sales Horse Manager. We will try and accommodate all prospective buyers but the welfare of the horses will take priority. Let our Horse Liaison know as soon as you wish to test ride so that we can manage the horses’ schedules appropriately.

Veterinary Inspection Schedule

Basic veterinary examinations will be conducted on all auction horses prior to the auction. Radiographs will be available for all riding horses. Veterinary reports are available upon request starting May 6, 2013.

If you wish to conduct a more extensive veterinary inspection, please contact us so that we can coordinate an appointment time and have the horse available.

Inspection Registration

All visitors to North Star Farm wishing to inspect auction horses need to sign-in with the office if they wish to view the horses outside of their stalls or paddocks. Inspections can be conducted without bidder registration but liability releases must be signed.