Veterinary Examinations

For your convenience, veterinary inspections will be conducted on all auction horses within 45 days prior to the sale.

These reports will be available for your review prior to 4 p.m. on June 1, 2013. Basic health will be addressed for all horses, pregnancy checks for broodmares, and limited radiographs will be taken of all riding horses. Both basic health and radiology reports will be available for you and/or your veterinarians to review.

Veterinary reports will be available by request starting May 6, 2013.

If you and/or your veterinarian wish to view a horse(s) veterinary reports, please click here for our request form. Please scan it and email it back to us or you can fax it if you prefer.

If you wish to conduct a more extensive veterinary inspection, please contact us so that we can coordinate an appointment time and have the horse(s) available.

Toby Ewing, DVM and Jennifer Sparks, DVM, of Equine Veterinary Associates, Woodinville, WA (425-485-1396) will be available during Open Trial/Inspection Week if you wish to have Dr. Ewing or Dr. Sparks provide you with further evaluation. This allows both local and long distance buyers a local, on-site resource for any additional services.